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Great News!!!

I’m thrilled to announce that my humorous memoir, PARROTHOOD: Twenty Years of Caring for a Vengeful Bird Determined to Kill Me (Think David Sedaris meets Marley and Me, only with a powerful, ferocious beak), has sold to Simon Spotlight for hardback publication, spring 2010! 

Graycie, our African Gray
Graycie, our African Gray



This has been a project near and dear to my heart (cautiously avoiding jugular veins and femoral arteries along the way LOL) for a while now–I started writing it by hand about four years ago while sitting through a somewhat boring family function, and have since been amassing many crazy memories of our parrot Graycie to put together this memoir. It’s quite funny–anyone who’s ever listened to our Graycie stories ends up cracking up–and I can’t wait for this book to finally see the light of day!

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  1. Suzy says:


  2. Judi Fennell says:

    The bird’s lucky her book sold – now you have a reason to keep her around. LOL. Way to go!!! (again!)

  3. Maria Geraci says:

    Again, many congratulations to you, Jenny!

  4. jennygardiner says:

    Thank you SO much Maria ;-)

  5. Jean says:

    Great news Jenny! Congratulations. I loved your humour in Sleeping With Ward Cleaver. It’s one of those books that sticks in your mind long after you’ve finished reading it.

    Best of luck with your parrot memoirs. :)


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