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Sorry I haven’t posted in a while but thought I’d share a bunch of pictures of the puppy sisters my girls got a few weeks ago, because, well, puppies. I admit to being mildly obsessed about cute puppies (ditto pandas,polar bears, kittens, elephants pretty much any animal) so yeah I could be accused of dumbing it down with puppy porn but there you have it!

Hope you enjoy!!! 

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  1. jennifer beck says:

    OMG!! they are so cute !!! thanks for sharing

  2. Linda Shaffer says:

    OMG! I never get tired of looking at puppy pics. Sooo cute!

  3. Linda says:

    I just love love puppies we had a lab way back when I was 15 who had 12 puppies what a surprize wanted to keep them all but parents said no pick your favorite and I did had him for 15 years still miss all my furbabies

  4. Marilyn says:

    Just precious!

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